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OldTown Association of Organisers of Simulations and Field Games is organizing two Events in July 2020: OldTown LARP (19-23.07) and OldTown Weekend (24-25.07)

OldTown is a happening hard to compare to any other events in Poland. A thousand participants build a town in the vast, open space of an abandoned airfield in which they’ll live for a week. Participants’ engagement is visible through the complex buildings, Mad Max style vehicles and a wide array of fantastic costumes reflecting their characters. Players make up a close-knit, amazingly creative community, meeting up between editions, together bringing our post global annihilation world from the edge of fantasy and reality.

A day after the LARP’s official ending OldTown Weekend begins. For LARP Participants it’s an afterparty, a way to spend a couple more days on the wasteland as themselves and not as their characters. Most of all however, OldTown Weekend’s goal is to open up our awesome post-apocalyptic town to all interested parties. Without an age restriction (The LARP is 18+), no dress code, no need to know the game’s story or to role-play - anyone can visit the post-apocalypse.

The Weekend consists of two action-packed days. On Friday, music day, on OldTown Arena’s Main Stage five polish rock bands will perform live: Voodoospad, Antumbra, Godbite, Rockasta and Quo Vadis. The evening will close with a DJ party going through the morning. Saturday, festival day, will be filled with climatic, post-apocalyptic attractions. There will be a costume competition for LARP Participants, a Jugger tournament and the cherry on top will be the Kombat Pro Wrestling Gala. Furthermore, for the entire duration all visitors are free to explore the post-apocalyptic town, eat at the foodtruck zone, get something nice at the handicraft and fashion trade zone or get a drink at the bar, open 24 hours a day.

We invite all radio, television, websites and press to visit our event. We also encourage all interested Media representatives to take patronage of our event.

Our promoter, Małgorzata Kowcun is at your disposal; 512211132


Weekend in OldTown is a fan cultural initiative organized by the OldTown Association of Organizers of Simulations and Field Games.

Ul. Mikołaja Reja 5a/1, Stargard

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